The Kate Verdon Spisak Foundation for Melanoma Awareness and Research, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to informing the public about melanoma as well as providing financial support to the National Institute of Health's Melanoma Research Program and the patients and families involved in that research.

Kate's Foundation numerous programs include melanoma awareness campaigns, this website, a high school scholarship, free skin cancer screenings, and educational awareness and prevention booths at outdoor sporting events. We distribute free SPF-30 sunblock, hats, t-shirts and beach towels throughout the year to remind people to always protect themselves from skin cancer exposure.

Kate's Foundation is named after a nurse, wife, daughter, sister and friend, Kate Verdon Spisak, who ended her battle with melanoma in the year 2000. Throughout her long fought struggle, and indeed, in her life prior to cancer, Kate continually served as a model of courage, compassion, and determination to all who knew her.

Although Kate is no longer here to fight with us, we carry on in her memory to educate people on the dangers of melanoma - what they can do to prevent this disease, and how to help fight it.