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Consumer Reports ranks best and worst sunscreens

The New York Post reports on the Consumer Reports study

Bill Cowher helps launch melanoma screening effort

A high profile supporter even a Jets fan can admire...

WSJ: Myths of Daily Sunscreen

A friend pointed out a great article The Push for Daily Sunscreen

Dear 16 Year Old Me

Great video done by Evidently for the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund.

J. Hillburn's "Fitting" shirt has arrived

So my first dress shirt showed up a few days ago. Looks great! I just need to try it on and make sure it fits just perfectly and then they'll send me the rest of my shirts.

I received my custom J. Hillburn golf shirts!

So far I have received my two golf shirts. They are beautiful. They fit perfectly (they're custom made!). They were $65 each and well worth it.

My J. Hillburn Experience so far...

So Diane from J. Hillburn came by the house this week to measure and go through fabrics for some new shirts (and a donation to KatesFoundation ;-). The fabrics are great and the order is in.

Everything in Moderation... Even the Sun?

There has been much talk over the past few weeks about the benefits of the sun. One thing to remember about sunscreen is that it does in fact block out any of the benefits of the sun's rays... such as Vitamin D. The WSJ had a decent article yesterday talking about the issue and Michael Holick's take on "sensible sun exposure." It's well worth a read...

Sun-Kissed or Sunburned?